Wednesday, December 19, 2012

National Review Web-Publishes Article Suggesting Sandyhook Massacre Happened Because Women Were in Charge

Now I know the article is at National Review Online which we are told isn't like the slightly more rational National Review magazine that is sent through the mail to subscribers, but it has a prominent link above for a subscription to the mailed magazine.  That is a strong connection.  What if The New York Times epublished an article proclaiming that John Boehner was a murderer -- of which there is absolutely no evidence and just something I made up for an example, but plenty of people who don't like him might want to think it's true, but when challenged the Times fell back on a disclaimer that, well that's only online so we couldn't hold them accountable.

Of course, it's all about money. Get the creepiest women haters hooked on their online product, collect online advertizing fee, so you're making money off it, but deny that your "real" product has nothing to do with that. 

Playboy begins to look good in comparison.

Apparently the idea is that hiring a fat-assed good ol' boy from the south to run the school would have saved the kids.  First of all, security guards do not run institutions, and that is acknowledged as a good thing in those institutions that hire them.

What Sandy Hook needed was 8-10 feet of fencing around it and a locked gate through which no one passes without approval (initial scrutiny might be through a video cam to reduce the chance that a person with a gun could intimidate someone who came out to check on a person requesting entry).  By the time my youngest children were going through elementary school   in a nice, but not too affluent are of Southland neighborhood it had fences and gates up and people entered through the office and requested  access to the rest of the school (except for employees of the school system who had the keys to the gates).   That probably wouldn't have worked at Sandyhook except to possibly give earlier warning, which didn't seem to help the second classroom in which Lanza worked his horror.  (Hint: teachers need security training)  And by all means have a guard by the gate, male or female. I know plenty of women who wouldn't hesitate to shoot a man with a gun trying to get into a school, but the principle or an "overseer" is not a guard and would likely have been no more effective than the women at Sandyhook.

The idea that they would is pure male chauvinism which many right wing publications use as one of their money making gimmicks.  Personally, though, if I was subscribe to the National Review these days, I'd be canceling my subscription.  There are places even conservatives do not need to go back to.

(The NRO article was written by a female, according to the name, proving that women can be just as big of sexist suck-ups as men, though apparently Ms Author is a total wimp when faced with guns threatening her and children.  Ah, I feel so bad for the lady who would let children die that a man would save. So totally, pathetic... )

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